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The Canadian Conference on International Travel held November 2013 in Toronto, Canada, reported that the amount of travelers from Canada to the U.S.A both leisure and business has dramatically increased over the past 5 years, with the total U.S. vacation rental industry expected to reach $25.8 billion in revenue by 2014. The conference also concluded that the top destination of this travel segment was Florida, followed by California, South Carolina, North Carolina, New York, Massachusetts and Arizona. Statistics clearly show Florida to be the top destination by far with an annual visitation rate of more than 4.2 million Canadians up a whopping 16.2 percent from 2012 and the highest number in over a decade.

We know Florida is one of the favorite places for Canadians to visit, so this increase “doesn’t surprise us” says Scott Chadwick, director of market research at oeoego.com, Canada’s fastest growing mobile responsive travel website. Canada is Florida’s single largest international tourism market; our research also confirms that this trend “will continue to grow” as more and more baby boomers looking to escape our harsh winters flee southward to the U.S.A. We also see a dramatic increase in the number of Canadians purchasing property in Florida, which is in part, fueling the increased visitation rate from Canada.

Top Destinations!

Florida vacations rentals are abundant throughout the state; with an estimated 200,000 private vacation rentals to choose from, visitors can easily find just the right accommodations to suit their needs and budget. Let’s take a quick look at the hot spots, region by region.

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Florida Vacation Rentals; The Future.

Over the past two years more than 28% of all leisure travelers visiting Florida stayed in a vacation rental as an alternative to a traditional hotel or resort, this represents a sizable increase from just 5 years ago when the percentage of leisure travelers staying in vacation rentals was fewer than 11% in 2009. Our research also indicates that currently over 47 % of leisure travelers from Canada to the U.S.A now consider vacation rentals to be a viable option going into the future due to greater visibly on the internet. As Canadian travelers to the U.S.A continue to seek more value for their money vacation rentals provide an attractive travel solution offering all the conveniences of home plus more living space than the traditional hotel option. A private house or condo delivers, added value for the price, privacy, a great selection of amenities and more space overall.

Vacation travel taken with children, extended family and friends represent one of the fastest growing type of leisure travel today. Almost one quarter of leisure travelers to Florida are grandparents, and more than two thirds of this demographic have traveled with their grandchildren on one or more vacations in the past. As this trend, referred to as “together-ing” increases in popularity, more and more travelers to the USA from Canada and beyond are selecting vacation rentals for a greater sense of comfort and privacy the whole family can depend on, under one roof. On oeoego.com you’ll find Florida vacation rentals in all the popular destinations. Whether you’re looking for a secluded back to nature adventure, a quiet beach cottage or a rental close to all the attractions and theme parks, we have the solution. Florida vacation rentals are the best choice for getting away from it all while staying close to the fun. Most rentals are just minutes away from your favorite sightseeing spots, attractions, golf courses, restaurants, shopping centers and other area hot spots. So browse our selection of Florida vacation rentals and book your next vacation today! Agents and owner are standing by ready to help.